Eden's Cove Farm, 157 Bahia Lane, Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

Please respect that our farm is our home and contact us before visiting. 

JoAnn's Cell Phone 210-725-2937


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Licensed Commercial Kitchen For Rent

Eden's Cove Kitchen is licensed by Bastrop County. Our kitchen equipment includes a meat band saw, grinder, and sausage stuffer as well as large work space, mixers, scales, and vacuum sealing machines. The kitchen is available to on a pay what you can basis and any payments are donated to Farm-1-1. 

Poultry Processing Center (not inspected)

Eden's Cove hosts an open air poultry processing center. The space is covered and has cement flooring; 4 compartment sink, scalder, plucker, and adequate space for processing poultry. The facility is offered on a pay what you can basis with any payments being a donation to Farm-1-1. Poultry processed in Eden's Cove Processing Center CANNOT be sold and must be consumed by the household of the person who processed the birds. Eden's Cove cannot process your birds for you. 

Referral to an inspected processing center

I know of two inspected poultry processing centers in central Texas. These businesses will process your birds for you for a fee. Please let me know of any others and I will add them to this list. 

Dewberry Hills

Cobb Creek Farms