Pork so sweet, Kermit would cheat. 

Pork Prices

Sliced Bacon in half pound packages. $16 per pound.

Unsliced Bacon in 1/2 to 1 pound blocks. Cube it for use in recipes or slice it yourself to the thickness you prefer. $12 per pound.

Sausage. We have several sausage recipes that we prepare regularly and we are always eager to create something new. Some of our more popular sausages are Jalepeno Cheddar, Sweet Italian, Andouille, Bratwurst, and Maple Breakfast Sausage, 

Pan Sausage, sometimes called bulk sausage, is sold in 1 pound packages and not in links. $10 per pound. 

Link Sausages are stuffed into links, but are still raw so you can cook them as you like.  There are generally 4 or 5 to a pound. $11 per pound. 

Pork Chops: Shoulder end chops are are cut with the rib bone the way classic butchers did it so they are thick and have have one long bone running the side. Rump end chops have one small bone at the top and can be sliced as thick or thin as you want. $9 per pound. 

Loin Roast can be roasted whole or cut into thin steaks. This tender piece of meat is easy to cook and always a success. $11 per pound. 

Tenderloin is the most prized piece of pork for its tenderness and flavor. It’s also the smallest at 1/2 to 1 pound each. Roast with root veggies, or cut medallions and pan fry. $12 per pound. 

Pork spare ribs are the king of the grill, but did you know you can cook delicious ribs in an oven or even a crock pot. $8 per pound. 

The Picnic Roast and The Boston Butt are both Pork shoulder Roasts and are idea for slow cooking. $6 per pound

Ground Pork can be used anywhere you would use ground beef, or mix half and half with another ground meat for a great burger.  
$6 per pound. 

Wholesale Pork Prices

Pork Products

Farm Direct Sales

Schedule a time to come by and see what we have, or order exactly what you want. Either way, you will receive the best pork in Texas cut just the way you like. 

You can pick up your pork from the farm or for $5 you can arrange for a home or office delivery to the Austin or Bastrop areas. 

Eden's Cove Farm, 157 Bahia Lane, Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

Please respect that our farm is our home and contact us before visiting. 

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