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Please respect that our farm is our home and contact us before visiting. 

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Poultry Processing Facility

Other Central Texas Processing Facilities:

In the Fall of 2015 two central Texas farms opened up inspected poultry processing facilities. We are excited to refer to these facilities and very thankful that these farmers have been able to offer the service. We urge you to patronize their businesses. 

Cobb Creek Farms

Dewberry Hills Farm

NOT Certified:
Edens' Cove Poultry Processing facility is not USDA certified, state certified or under any certification exemptions. Birds processed at Eden's Cove by either the staff here or by the owner of the bird cannot be sold retail or wholesale. Please do not endanger the operations of this farm by selling the poultry processed here. 


Eden's Cove will always make the facility available to people who have taken Farmer Jo's Poultry Processing Class. This is always free of charge. A small donation of cash or supplies when you use the facility is appreciated but not necessary. Supplies that we constantly need are: cutting boards, quality knives, FoodSaver bags, paper towels, cloth hand towels, aprons, and bleach. In fact, bleach is used excessively around here. 

Poultry Processing Facility

Eden's Cove Farm and Farm-1-1 hosts a complete and highly efficient poultry processing facility that is available for use be anyone in central Texas that has taken Farmer Jo's processing class or has sufficient experience in processing birds.

What we  do with our facility:

  • Teach hands on classes for $75 per student. 
  • Teach private classes utilizing your birds for $50 per hour for up to 3 students. 
  • Loan the facility out to homesteaders for use at no charge. 

What we DO NOT do:

  • We cannot process your birds for you!

Eventually, we hope to have a Grant of Inspection which will allow us to process poultry for customers, process our own poultry for sale, process poultry for other farmers to sale, and rent the facility out to other farmers. In order to apply for and obtain the Grant of Inspection we need walls, better lighting, hot water, better drainage and connection to our septic. All in all, we expect it to cost about $15000 to complete the facility 

Pork so sweet, Kermit would cheat.