Eden's Cove Farm, 157 Bahia Lane, Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

Please respect that our farm is our home and contact us before visiting. 

farm 512-321-4786 or cell 210-725-2937


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Eden's Cove Farm raises the finest pork in central Texas. Our heritage hogs are raised on fresh organic vegetables, spent brewer's grain, and wholesome organic eggs. We do all of our own butchering (after they are slaughtered under inspection) and processing to make artisan bacon, sausage and ham as well as providing fresh cuts for your table. 

Farming Practices

Sustainability in farming is the art of creating an ecological balance so the entire system works in unison. We have ducks and chickens and cats for pest maintenance. We let death and decay replenish the land and encourage it along by tilling the soil. We let our sows and other animals decide when to have more babies and how to raise them. We acquire all of our animal feed locally and have gone through great lengths to complete the cycles of food and avoid waste. 
Flavor and nutrition in food goes hand in hand. Our pork is both nutrient dense and delicious because I take great pains to create a balanced diet for our hogs. Ask me at a Farmers’ Market and I’ll tell you all about the benefits of spent grain and eggs in a hog’s diet and why fresh seasonal vegetables are the best form of vitamins.   Our hogs also have plenty of space to range freely. They choose between shade trees and sunning in mud baths. We do not rush the growth of our hogs. We let them grow over a year to come to market weight naturally. This allows the herd to remain healthy and allows their meat to marble properly. 
The word “heritage” refers to livestock that pre-dates industrial agriculture. This matters because modern livestock is bred for speed of growth and the convenience of raising under assembly line conditions. Large Black Hogs did not make the cut because they would never tolerate being raised in pens or having their infants taken away. However these beautiful beasts are known for their sweet flavor, well marbled meat, large red eye on their chops, and pure white fat. This is a superior animal and a superior meat.

Pork so sweet, Kermit would cheat.