About the Teacher

JoAnn Smotherman currently teaches "Small Farm Business Planning" at Austin Community College and is a previous public school teacher. After years of inspiring high school  math students to love learning she left her profession to work full time on the family farm. It was only a matter of time before the yearning to teach drove her to begin a classes at the farm. JoAnn loves teaching and now she teaches what she loves. 

Sausage and Curing Class

Next Class: TBD

Cost: $75 pre-paid

Class Size: Maximum of 6 people

Class Description: Students will trim pork then season, grind and mix before stuffing into casings. Students will learn basic curing techniques and practice preparing a short-term cure. This is a hands on class. 

Products: Each student will take home 2 pounds of sausage. Other products will be available for sale.

Register: Complete the form to register.  JoAnn will email you confirmation and payment instructions.

Hog Butchering Class 

Next Class: Sunday, July 16th from 1:30 PM till 6:00

Cost: $75

Class Size: Maximum of 6 people

Class Description: Class will break down a whole hog into various steaks, roasts and trim. Students will learn to use a bone saw and electric meat saw as well as learning the various cuts of pork. We will discuss differences between artisan butchery and commercial butchery and learn some basics about packaging food for safety and longevity. 

Products:  Student may purchase the end product as a 15% discount. 

Register: Email JoAnn at EdensCoveFarm@gmail.com to register. 


Eden's Cove Farm, 157 Bahia Lane, Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

Please respect that our farm is our home and contact us before visiting. 

JoAnn's Cell Phone 210-725-2937


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Class Registration

Register for any class or inquire about future class dates by emailing the farm at EdensCoveFarm@gmail.com

Poultry Processing Class 

Next Class: Saturday, August 5, 2017 8:00 - 1:00

Cost: $75 pre-paid

Class Size: Maximum of 8 people

Class Description: Teacher will model the humane kill, machine plucking, evisceration, and packaging of two chickens then students will take turns practicing the same. Students will be provided one retired laying hen or rooster for processing.

Products to take home: Each student will take home the bird that they processed. 

Register: Email JoAnn at EdensCoveFarm@gmail.com to register.